Monday, April 21, 2014

"We're All Mad Here"

Well I live in a den of salesmen
We tell stories
And make people believe them
In heaven
We’re all dressed up
With nowhere to go
And no money to spend
On the things we don’t need
Just green tea and tuna
For breakfast, lunch, and dinna

Put out the light
They don’t see us
Put out the light
We’re all naked here

A pile of naked bodies
Incestuous little animals
Piled high in our little den
With our little pricks and little slits
And our big minds in a big, big world

I can sit in the corner
Twiddling numbers, thumbs and orders
Staring up from a crossword puzzle
Making your knees turn to soot

You’re collapsing in front of
My irreconcilable difference
And paving the way 
For a new way to stay
Underground with the worms and the witches

Because we’re all mad here
But you’ve nothing to fear
When you let your lies
Fall aside
And strip yourself alive

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