Monday, April 21, 2014

take a step

I have what’s left
To crawl through the sand
To your door
Keep your eyes open
We’re not strangers anymore
No more empty words
Draw me in with your own hands
Plant seeds in my head
That walk me through un-promised land

Oh, lucky love, you know the best about the words
I asked to see
Listen for your cue
Listen for me
Take a wary step into the ocean
Maybe let the silk surround you
And take a gulp of the sweet saltwater
If you let it all go

Let’s unfold,
If I can
Can’t promise much
But my hands
But if you’ll take a step into the water,
I just might unfold
To fall and float on, with you

I’d risk not falling asleep to the rain
to say goodnight to you.
Now aren’t you glad to be alive?

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