Saturday, November 1, 2014

"Bomb Shelters"

You have shattered the
precious bomb shelter
I have constructed
With your words
You verbs
Your piercing stares

Oh, now and again
you drive me to drink
You drive me to think
And I think I'll keep you

I'll use your heart
if you're not going to.
He's screaming into a microphone
And she's driving down the coast
to be the one he's weak for
but strengthened by.

You're my favorite term of endearment.

"Little, White Box"

My skin is soft
My hair is wild
And my eyes search for you
You can't see the beauty
Right in front of your heart
I am
tugging at my clothes
to try and change your mind
But even I have dreams
of the ones you see
And how could I ever be a dream?

You keep me in a little, white box
And take me out only when you want
With your glorified ideas of
who you wish I was

But if you keep me out
too long
you see the scars
and the weathered ends

My skin will never be
dream skin
My hair can't grow the way
you'd like

So why don't you keep me
in that box for good
and give me away?
Maybe to someone who
will open the box and say,
"This is all I've ever dreamed of."

"Find My Soul"

I like the weight of your
voice on my chest
But I don't know who 
I am anymore
Cut open secret parts of
my veins
And watch me bleed out
There are pieces of my heart
I don't want to share
with anyone else
I'm afraid they'll see
too much of me
And that you will, too
Because I'm not as transparent
as you think

"Nothing But a Good Fuck"

Go and change someone else

You're so platonic
it's making my guts turn
Push me away with your
averted eyes
Push away with your apathy

You're one big
loaded question
Who will never want me enough