Thursday, May 8, 2014

"Acid Rain" (2/9/10)

Eating cereal out the bag
Down an uncleared sidewalk
Her midwestern winter dragging
Skin through snowy cocaine
That cereal won't fill you up
So don't leave yourself to ruin
More than you thought you could

She needs a sunset
A clear sky of orange marmalade
And salt air
Because rock bottom, isn't yet
Her life ended
Where the sea fell off the earth
Her soul hollowed
When the gulf ran dry

And from her heart poured
Ocean tears
Trying to explain herself

All that's here
Is acid rain

"Strength" (12/10/09)

I always found it hard
To sleep in someone's arms
Until yours came along
But since then
I don't want to look at you
With tear-stained cheeks
And blood-stained hands
All to feel you tear us down again
And again
And again
So like morning condensation
The windshield drops are moving up
In reverse
Do that to me
It's shocking the way my heart is beating
But I promise there was a time when I was happy
And you were there
So don't upset yourself
I'll be ill but alright
I'll write

"The Cleanest Cut" (11/17/09)

Break me in two
Between home and you
The cleanest cut
And you helped me see through
All of them up until now
We'll be standing hand in hand
In a gallery of faces
Waltz through as they stare at us
And we're just looking at each other
We're looking into one another
Break me down
Down to the minerals I'm made of
Pass me through a needle
And blow me away
Maybe then the separation won't ache
Because I find myself
Clinging to you
And pulling at your clothes
From behind closed doors


you and you
blaze and booze
all night long
so alike
under a fickle, starry light
so I can't help thinking
I'm left for dead
and I'm fading
you can see the darkening care
under my eyes
every morning
don't you know I need you
I'll take care of you both
under dull, yellow light
if the power goes out
and it's all we can find
even if you let me down

"Groundhog Day" (1/26/10)

My tongue moves in new circles
But I bet you still kiss the same
I bet you still kiss the same
If you bite my lip
And bruise my hips
You'll back away
Because my eyes were never tame
enough to keep you between my fingers
They're swollen
And I can't stop writhing
With a child's silver lining
singing around my iris

"Something New" (1/15/10)

everything is more romantic from above
on a silent, aerial track
the grass is greener
or the snow is whiter
the city lights from across town
are always brighter

but i'm perfectly perfect here
sitting on a windowsill
watching the Columbus lights
through the night
with you in mind

Sunday, May 4, 2014

"What I've Learned II"

what i've learned
is that one can cross the country
drive three thousand miles
start a new life
and still feel stuck

and after all that

who would turn down the street
and walk this way?
surely not you
because you have an honest face
but you'll never be trusted
to stick around

You with your covered heart

and your attention in every direction

since when did you have the upper hand?

since your heart runs at a full five beats a minute?
or since your unattached eyes see
straight through mine

Now that i've found you

i have never felt more lost