Monday, April 21, 2014

"Growing Pains"

Never knowing where to start
Where which line ends
                             and which begins.
So we cry 
           and cry
                      and cry
And we fall
            and fall
                      and fall
But you better get up, child
You better get up, son
daughter, mother, father
Your knees are scraped
From the rough world’s feet
And you cry and cry and cry
Let’s all cry, cry, cry

Oh, these growing pains
You’ll never see
Inside of me
I’m paralyzed, papa
I’m so scared, mama
That you will never see
All of me

So off I go
To a place I don’t know
Putting on a show
Chasing dreams,
                                   That’s all they are
Falling from the sky

‘Cause we all fall,
So quit crying.

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