Sunday, October 26, 2014


Your scent's still hanging on my skin
Call me "darling"
Call me "darling" again

You won't surface unless your
poison is matched
Yet I'm still rushing to you

Oh, pretty boy
Sometimes I worry
Because only you can hear me
when I whisper
And pretty boy
I think sometimes you worry
Because you want to wake up
next to me

Xanax dreams
And vanilla incense
No "we"
No "us"
Nothing is ours
Nothing ever will be ours

You can visit Europe
"You can even visit more than once"
But you can't live there
and Language Barriers
and Currency Exchange

You'll just dangle a one-way ticket
in front of my lips
And snatch it away when I bite

This well-traveled heart can only stretch so far
So don't call me "darling"
Don't call me "darling" again

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